Screen-Shot-2014-05-24-at-12.53.04-PMThe Amateur Event Series was founded in 2004 . The AES started with 4 USA Inline events in 2005 to hosting events in different disciplines around the US and throughout the world. Although the AES is deeply rooted in the amateur base competition circuit, we have grown to host premiere level professional events such as the International World Championships of Inline Skating, professional BMX events such as the BMX Am Fest/Pro Jam, and The National Pro Qualifier for The International Scooter World Championships. The overall goal of the AES is to support a unified & professional industry so that our youth and our culture has strength, longevity, & life in the sports that they love and support.

Mission: To provide a successful & professional amateur circuit where our up-and-coming amateur riders, from around the world, have the opportunity to excel and grow within their sport. To continue increasing our sport numbers through educating kids on safety & the importance of being active and doing what you love to do! To unify our sport by providing structure and a unification process within our industry, so that all companies are able to unite & grow together.

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